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Passionate Pizza Restaurant in Buffalo, NY

Chef — Italian pizza in Buffalo, NY
Born in the winter of 1985, Chuck's of Buffalo, New York, was created when owner Chuck and his friends realized that normal takeout pizza simply wasn't cutting it. As they played poker, they discussed local options and agreed: most of the local pizza restaurants were okay, but not great, inconsistent in quality, and lacking the flair to which Buffalonians had grown accustomed. At that moment, a lightbulb went off.
Chuck envisioned a pizza restaurant that offered homemade pizza, wings, and subs, along with an atmosphere that represented the true Buffalo spirit. He sat down with his parents and asked for their help in adding true Italian specialties to his menu. After drawing inspiration from his mother's recipe box, Chuck set out to deliver fresh, homemade food at a cost locals could truly love and appreciate.

Additions & Expansions

After a few years, Chuck met Joe, a business guru with fresh ideas and a talent for marketing. Joe set out to create several new accounts and market Chuck's in the Buffalo area. Chuck's on North Street is now expanding the seating area to accommodate an additional 30 to 40 people, including a restroom. Recently, Chuck brought in his cousin, Tony, to continue the family tradition.
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